Blood Test Results – A Surprise

I got my test results back! My hemoglobin has risen from 10.6 g to 11.1 g in 23 days, and my RDW levels (shows inflammation) have decreased some, from 20.3% to 18.6% (cv). My B12 levels were in the 600s, which is solidly in the middle range. I figure these results reflects my vegan levels, because I don’t think I’ve done enough to affect the levels so soon. My iron was low at 25 ug, but ferritin normal at 13 ng.

I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor next week, but another doctor has already looked at my blood and noted that it is iron-defiency anemia on my results. I’m not just looking at it and diagnosing myself; although, I’ve googled my every abnormal test value and meaning. 👀

Also, my protein was at a 7.4 g when it was tested in early February. The range is 6.0 – 8.0g/dL, so it’s solid, too. I mention that because those are the concerns people have brought to me over the past 3+ years I was vegan — protein and B12. Those are totally fine, yet there is so much other stuff that can go wrong! Inflammation, joint pain, poor digestion, and elimination issues, for example.

The other thing that stood out for me was that they broke down my hemoglobin. Hemo A is at 60%; hemo A2, 3.5%; and hemo S, 36.5%, which means I have the sickle cell trait. I never knew that! I knew there was a possibility, but never knew for sure. It shouldn’t cause any issues from what I’ve read, but I can’t help but be concerned because if my hemoglobin is already a little low, then only 60% of it is available to function properly anyway. It has me feeling like I’ll be at a disadvantage no matter what I do.


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