Blood Tests, Eggs, & Butter

I had another blood draw today. My last one was a couple of weeks ago, and I was 1 g shy of the normal range for hemoglobin. The test results seem to be reported differently every time I take one. The time before last was a couple years ago, and it didn’t list “hemoglobin,” but another name.  A1C maybe? Anyways, “my blood” was still a little low.  I’m not sure why iron wasn’t tested the first time around this time, but that was one of the tests today. I have almost always been low for iron, even prior to my vegan phase. So, the other tests are to check if anything else may be going on for me to keep coming up low.

There was also a B12 test, which I don’t think I’ve ever had. It will be interesting to see those results. The very fact that they ordered this test for me made me worry that it was in fact low, so I’ve been drinking vitaminwater (full of B vitamins!) every day, too, but I didn’t have any before my test this morning. I have added eggs back to my diet, but I don’t know if either of these additions are enough to affect the level already.  I’m eagerly awaiting my results. Last time, I got a notification very late at night on the same day that my results were ready to view in the portal.

Since adding the eggs, I’ve already seen a change in my cycle. The time between the last one and current one increased by two days. That was a concern at my last doctor’s appointment — that the time between is kind of short. On the plus side, it was suggested that maybe that’s why the hemoglobin was low because I can have mine twice a month depending on how the days fall.

The other thing I added — today actually — was grass-fed butter, Irish butter. I added a tablespoon to cooked basmati rice. I didn’t have any itching in my throat or any other negative reaction. On the contrary, I felt alert, satisfied, and nourished. When I add any butter to rice, it’s the non-dairy kind. Totally tastes the same to me, but there is a difference. That’s something I’ve learned — it’s not just about taste. To get caught up on taste is to miss the point, as I did. There are essential nutrients and fats missing from even the best-tasting vegan animal-like products, and it eventually shows.

I’m looking forward to the morning to scramble an egg in the butter. It’s the simple things. 🍳


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