Poppin’ Progesterone Pills

I went to the gynecologist back in the spring, amongst all my trips to other doctors, and she suggested I get a transvaginal ultrasound and sonogram based on my heavy cycle and feeling full quickly. My cycle has been long and heavy ever since I can remember, but maybe it was slightly heavier than usual. I totally thought soaking through an ultra-absorbant tampon every two hours was normal. 😲

The ultrasound showed a thickening in my uterine lining, or endometrium, that she wasn’t sure was a polyp or what. A biopsy was mentioned , but it was up to me, since she felt like it was likely no big deal, but it was abnormal, so we may want to check . . . but the biopsy takes random samples, so if it were something serious, they could miss it . . . and if it’s a polyp, we don’t have to remove it, but it would be a good idea to do so, since polyps can turn malignant after a while . . . but if it’s removed, it’ll probably just grow back. 🤔

I was hesitant to do anything, especially after what little I found online about this issue, and they weren’t pushing a biopsy. I opted to have it monitored, and after 3 more ultrasounds, it was 1 cm (or ~25 mm) at the thickest, and 16 mm at the thinnest, throughout my cyclic changes.

I did agree to progesterone pills at my list visit two months ago. But my second-opinion gyno said that even if the pills thinned the lining, the abnormality would still be there. IDK. Sometimes these things spontaneously clear up. I think my best bet is a hysteroscopy.

After two rounds of these little orange pills, I’m barely going through one tampon a day. Wow! What a difference this has made. I can actually sleep through the night. I’ve not yet had another ultrasound to see if it thinned the thickening out, but these light days are blowing my mind. 😌

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