Buying Raw Milk

Today I visited a local dairy farm for raw milk. I had no idea how difficult that can possibly be to find or that it is illegal to sale in some states; nonetheless, there is a small, family-owned cattle farm 10 miles from our home. They have a couple of the glass-sliding door type refrigerators, full of gallons of unpasteurized milk — all the same. What a difference from grocery stores! The usual dairy aisle has whole, 2%, buttermilk, lactose free, ultrapasteurized, etc. Just one kind of milk at this farm.

I actually grew up on a farm, and we had cows. By the time I came along, the cows were no longer milked. So I don’t think I ever had raw milk, or if I did, I was too young to remember.  I do remember I could not stand to drink plain milk from the mini cartons at school. If they didn’t have chocolate milk, I would not drink milk. Yuck! But I was willing to try the raw milk after some research. While I can’t say, “Raw milk gave me life,” it was drinkable. It had a slight smokey taste and a creamy, near-frothy texture. It itched my throat for a few minutes, then the sensation passed. It hasn’t upset my stomach, and I’ve had it on three separate occassions already — by itself, mixed with scrambled eggs, and in granola. I don’t feel any particular benefits from it so far. If anything, my energy feels drained, but I can’t say it’s due to the milk for sure.

I also visited a butcher shop. I felt so lost amongst all the carnage. The owners were willing to help, but I didn’t even know where to begin and left kind of bewildered. I was thinking of getting organ meats, and they had those; however, I’ve never had that in my life. It’s a mental thing. I can’t. I guess I’ll just stick to my iron supplements, which seem to be working since my hemoglobin has risen.

My food today was coffee, raw milk, scrambled eggs with imitation bacon bits, and grits with butter for breakfast; a gluten-free vegan cupcake, the frosting off a regular cupcake, and a vitaminwater as a snack; granola, half a banana, and peanut butter for lunch; no dinner.  I didn’t have a taste for anything in particular, so I ended up skipping it.

In the Lessons, the previous ones, there are some suggestions from Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) on foods to eat. I’ll just have to regroup, come up with a grocery list, and try again tomorrow.


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