Earthing & Basking in the Sun

This warm weather is both exciting and scary. It’s close to 80 degrees already, and it’s just March. 😩 Before it gets unbearably hot, I’m enjoying lying on the ground in the sun while I can. I think there’s something to the whole earthing thing. Even if there isn’t, it’s still relaxing and nurturing.

Growing up, I saw my grandfather walk outside barefoot all the time, and we had gravel! He probably wasn’t intending to “ground,” but he certainly enjoyed great health into his 90s. It’s interesting that the simple act of touching the ground has gained a name and a whole lot of products around it. Are beachgoers also earthing? Can you earth on sand? Anyways, I’ll just stick to our little patch of grass in the backyard. I feel rejuvenated after standing barefoot or lying atop a blanket on the ground. It somehow eases the pain in my aching joints.

Feeling the warm sun beam down on me and the support of the ground under me is so soothing, I just lie there; but today I also did some reading.  I’m on Lesson 2 of the Lessons, and it’s all about the meaning and different branches of yoga. Studying this science of knowing God really puts things into perspective. I don’t want to be overly concerned with food. It takes up so much mental energy.  I took a walk when it cooled off and mentally repeated a mantra as I walked. Usually I listen to a podcast or just have in earbuds, with nothing playing, mulling over an issue, or letting my thoughts roam. Not anything wrong with that, but I’ve noticed that problems tend to resolve themselves when I’m more focused on my relationship with God, Spirit.

Darkness, like a dark bird, flies away, oh, flies away. ~ Cosmic Chants, Paramahansa Yogananda

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