Blood Test Results – Different Forms of Iron

So, I had a follow-up with the hematologist today regarding my test results.  Of course, I’d already looked at them. I was feeling concerned about the sickle cell trait, since 30% of my hemoglobin is sickled (Hemoglobin S). However, he explained that those cells still bond like normal hemoglobin  (Hemoglobin A), but not as well, and that my levels were pretty good for someone with the trait. I felt at ease. 😌

He instructed that I take an iron supplement every other day with Vitamin C. I explained to him that I have Vitron C, which already has this vitamin, and he was good with that for that reason; however, his written recommendation was to take ferrous sulfate, and Vitron C is carbonyl iron…I later discovered. I meant to take it into the office with me, so he could look at it, even put it next to my car keys…still ran off and left it! But, I also have Hemaplex, another iron supplement, from a previous bout with low iron. I checked its label, and its form of iron is amino acid chelate/complex. *Sigh* So many types of iron!

I figure this Vitron C works well enough to have caused my levels to rise in less than a month. So, I’ll continue it until I run out, then find the ferrous sulfate type. I appreciate that this doctor gave specific instructions on how to take the iron now and in the future. Once they are at a normal level, he recommends taking the supplement just once a week.

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