Energizing Outside

Today I did my energization exercises (EE’s) outside in direct sun. It’s sunny, in the mid-50s, and perfect weather to practice. It felt like a warm hand was on my spiritual eye.

It is either way too hot or uncomfortably cold outside here. I think of Guruji (Paramahansa Yogananda) training his early disciples, and how they would do the exercises outdoors regardless of the temperature. I’m thankful for that example. Perhaps, I’ll get there one day. In the meantime, I’d gotten used to his modification of doing the exercises in front of an open window…which gradually progressed to just doing them indoors, never mind the window.

And so, I’m getting back into the habit of doing the EE’s outdoors, which is how they are supposed to be done. I usually stand right outside the back door in an area that is covered from the sun. After doing them outside, I feel as though I’m brimming with energy, and in closing my eyes during meditation, the darkness is teeming with light. No wonder he instructs these pranayama exercises to be performed outside. It makes a HUGE difference.

There is the tiniest patch of grass in our backyard. I want to energize barefoot on the grass in the sun next time. What the heck, let’s go crazy. 😌


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